RULES of DOG CLUB LEURA Incorporated


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R01- . . . . . . CLUB FEES and CHARGES

R02- . . . . . . CLUB CODE of CONDUCT

R03- . . . . . . CLUB GROUND RULES

RULES of DOG CLUB LEURA Incorporated

These rules are as per the final draft, dated 17 October, 2007; lodged with the NSW Office of Fair Trading. The Club was granted Incorporation on 29 October, 2007. The club's registration number :- INC 9 888 348.


  1. There is hereby constituted an incorporated association named :-
    Dog Club Leura Incorporated          hereafter referred to as "the Club".
  2. Associations Incorporation Act 1984 back to :- top | home

  3. The Club is an Incorporated Association and subject to the Associations Incorporation Act 1984, these rules bind the Club and the members of the Club to the same extent as if the rules had been signed and sealed by each member and contained covenants on the part of each member to observe all the provisions of the rules.
  4. These rules take precedence over the Model Rules. Any matter not provided for in these rules shall be dealt with in accordance with the Model Rules.
  5. Regulations of Dog Club Leura Incorporated Go to :- The Regulations

  6. Subject always to these rules, members in general meeting by resolution passed by a simple majority may make, amend, rewrite or revoke Club regulations. Club regulations shall be listed and numbered, shall record the date of the resolution, and be attached hereto. They bind the Club and Club members.

  8. The object of the Club is to promote responsible dog ownership in the community :-
    1. by encouraging awareness to laws and regulations;
    2. by the provision of facility to socialize and exercise dogs;
    3. by the provision of instruction and guidance in dog training;
    4. by example of the manner in which members handle their dogs;
    5. by encouraging the reading of reference material;
    6. by promoting good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members;
    7. by dealing fairly, effectively, and quickly with any dispute between members;
    8. by other related activity, including provision and storage of training equipment, Club uniform, banners and advertising.

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  9. The following definitions apply to these rules, and to Club regulations as the context permits :-
    1. The Ground is the whole of the area available to the Club at a particular venue.
    2. Training Area is that part of the ground allocated for the conduct of training classes.
    3. Practice Area is that part of the ground allocated for general practice and exercise purposes.
    4. Trial Area is that part of the ground allocated exclusively for trial practice purposes.
    5. Meeting is a meeting of members for the purpose of conducting Club business.
    6. Club Session is a regular scheduled assembly of members at the Club’s ground.
    7. Rule means a provision of these rules referenced by number or number and letter.
    8. Club Regulation means a current regulation made pursuant to these rules.
    9. Model Rules are as prescribed in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984
    10. Financial Year shall commence on the 1st October and terminate on 30th September.


  10. Membership of the Club shall be divided into the following categories:-
    1. Ordinary Member is a person over the age of 18 years.
    2. Junior Member is a person over 14 years and under 18 years of age. Junior Members under the age of 16 years shall be accompanied by an auxiliary member or other adult member.
    3. Auxiliary Member is a person over the age of 18 years who accompanies a member, but is not normally a dog handler.
    4. Skipper Member is a person over the age of eighteen years :-
      1. who has been invited to join the Club on account of their skill, knowledge and experience, or
      2. with not less than 3 years instructing experience and elected to this category by the committee.
    5. Provisional Member is a person who has been nominated for election to membership.

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  11. Joining fees, membership fees, and session attendance fees shall be paid in amount as stipulated by Club regulation for each category of membership. Members undertaking roster voluntary duty may be exempt from payment of attendance fees. Postage and other ancillary fees or charges, if any, shall be stipulated in the same Club regulation.     see Reg 01
  12. NOMINATION FOR MEMBERSHIPgo to :- application form

  13. Applicants for membership shall be nominated by a Club member in writing on the form provided by the Club.
    1. The duly completed form shall be lodged with the secretary;
    2. The secretary shall ensure that each applicant has access to a copy of these rules and Club regulations;
    3. On payment of the joining fee, the applicant shall be accepted as a provisional member on probation and under the supervision of the nominating member.;
    4. The provisional member will attend not less than 3 sessions prior to assessment by the committee;
    5. The secretary shall submit each application to the committee for determination;
    6. On election, and payment of all due amount, the applicant shall be entered on the register of members.
    7. In the event of the application being rejected, the joining fee shall be refunded.

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  14. The privileges of a member shall be :-
    1. the right to attend and vote at all General Meetings of the Club;
    2. to submit as a candidate for any Office of the Club and / or to nominate other members;
    3. to be given access to any publication issued by the Club;
    4. excluding auxiliary members, to actively participate in Club sessions - training, practice and exercise at the appropriate level with their dog/s;
    5. to inspect the records, books, register of members, and other documents of the Club by arrangement with the secretary at any reasonable time;
    6. require the committee respond in writing to any matter raised by a member;
    7. a member may renew their membership by written application using the form provided by the Club. Junior members seeking to renew after the age of 18 years will be admitted as members;
    8. a member in arrears may renew their membership without being required to pay the joining fee provided their payment is received within three months of the due date.
  15. Junior members shall not be entitled to vote, nor to hold office, nor to nominate other members. They shall be entitled to exercise all other privileges of membership.

  17. Any person/dog considered to be a serious threat, or danger, to members or their dogs; or to be causing unacceptable disruption of Club proceedings may be required to immediately leave the ground. Any two stewards, instructors, or skippers, acting in concert, are authorised to issue immediate suspension to any person. The president and other committee members shall be advised of the situation without delay. The suspension shall be effective immediately and valid until ruled on by the committee..
  18. If called upon by the committee, a member shall verbally or in writing supply any information within the factual knowledge of the member in respect of any act or omission that may contravene these rules. The member is entitled to require a written statement of the grounds upon which the committee seeks to make enquiry.
  19. If the committee is of the opinion that a member has persistently refused or neglected to comply with these rules, or has persistently and wilfully been guilty of any conduct prejudicial to the Club or to a Club member; the committee shall give the member written notice of the act or omission in question. The member shall be given 14 days notice to show cause why suspension or expulsion proceedings should not be commenced.
  20. The committee's consideration of a member's act or omission will be concluded on receipt of acceptable explanation, or on receipt of written resignation.
  21. The committee, in the absence of resignation or acceptable explanation :-
    1. shall invite the member to attend the meeting at which the matter will be ruled on;
    2. shall give due consideration of all submissions and available facts;
    3. on concluding that the complaint is proven, may suspend or expel the member;
    4. shall give the member written notice of the action taken, the reasons for the action, and advising the member of his/her right to appeal the action by notice in writing.
  22. Any appeal shall be dealt with in accordance with the Model Rules.
  23. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP back to :- content | top | home

  24. A person ceases to be a member of the Club if the person :-
    1. resigns by notice in writing addressed to the secretary.
    2. fails to renew membership within 3 months of the due date.
    3. is expelled from the Club.
    4. become of unsound mind, or shall die.


  25. The office bearers of the Club shall be the president, the vice-president, the secretary, and the treasurer.
  26. DUTIES OF PRESIDENT and Vice-President

  27. the president shall :-
    1. ensure the successful functioning and the attainment of objectives of the Club;
    2. uphold the rules and regulations of the Club;
    3. strive to continually improve the Club's policy, activities and administration;
    4. be an ex officio member of all sub committees;
    5. ensure the correct functioning of all sub-committees;
    6. act, subject to any expressed or implied instructions, on behalf of the Club and its committee in the interval between meetings;
    7. work in unison with the Vice-President, share workload. Maintain harmony in the committee and normally use a casting vote to maintain status quo. Be available to members, ensure member's problems are addressed, and that the Club is well informed, coherent and effective;
    8. represent the Club in public and to other organisations;
    9. in the absence of the president, the vice-president will represent the president.

    DUTIES OF SECRETARY back to :- content | top | home

  28. The secretary shall exercise and perform all the usual secretarial functions and generally attend to the secretarial work of the Club. All correspondence pertaining to Club matters shall be brought to the attention of the Committee. No Club correspondence shall be regarded as "private" or "confidential" unless so agreed by the Committee. In particular the secretary shall keep and maintain :-
    1. copies of all inward and outward correspondence, reports and submissions excluding junk mail;
    2. minutes of all proceedings of meetings of the committee and of the Club;
    3. copies of sub-committee reports and Club publications;
    4. all necessary records of the affairs of the Club;
    5. copies of current rules and regulations of the club;
    6. a register of members containing the name, postal address, and the date of admission to and the category of membership of each member. To keep other contact detail and information relevant to Club activity having full regard to members right of privacy;
    7. a register of committee members containing the name and residential addresses of each member, and the date on which the person became a member of the committee. Record in the register any change in the membership of the committee within 1 month after the change occurs;
    8. in cooperation with the public officer, the office bearers and the committee, to know the location of and ensure secure custody of all necessary records of the affairs of the Club. To list in the Club’s regulations the address of any place at which records and / or property of the Club are to be kept other than the address of the public officer, current office bearers and committee members.
  29. Organize preparation of, and compile the Club's annual report.
  30. DUTIES OF TREASURER back to :- content | top | home

  31. The Committee shall :-
    1. maintain a bank account with a recognized bank in the name of the Club;
    2. notify the Club’s bankers that two signatures are required to operate the Club's account;
    3. keep the Club’s bankers advised of the persons currently authorised to operate the account;
    4. issue authority to the treasurer, the secretary, the president to operate the bank account;
    5. ensure that all amounts of $10.00 or more payable on behalf of the Club are paid by cheque;
    6. cause to be kept true accounts of all monies received, all monies paid, all assets and liabilities; and the manner in which income and expenditure of the Club have been dealt with;
    7. ensure that the property, assets, and income of the Club are applied only to promote the objects of the Club, and for no other purpose;
    8. ensure that financial records at all times shall show the true financial position of the Club.
  32. The Treasurer shall :-
    1. receive all monies paid to the Club, ensure appropriate receipts are issued, and deposit same into the Club's bank account as soon as practical without deduction;
    2. process all payments payable on behalf of the Club;
    3. keep all necessary books of account and financial statements;
    4. prepare the annual balance sheet and accounts and accompanying reports;
    5. submit financial statements to all meetings of the committee and of the Club;
    6. produce to the members in general meeting the cashbooks and bank passbook when requested;
    7. keep vouchers for payments authorised by the Club and the committee;
    8. keep a true and correct inventory of all property of the Club and list the normal location of same;
    9. in cooperation with the public officer, the office bearers and the committee, to know the location of and ensure secure custody of all necessary records of the Club as relevant to the office of treasurer.

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  33. There shall be a committee consisting of the office bearers, plus four members. The immediate past president and the chief instructor, if not otherwise elected; shall be ex officio members.
  34. The committee shall manage and have the entire control of the affairs of the Club subject to and in accordance with the provisions of these rules and the Club regulations.
  35. The Committee may approve delegation of authority, power, or duty to individual members or group of members only on the recommendation of the Office Bearer holding that authority, power, or duty.
  36. Notwithstanding the foregoing the members, by simple majority at a special meeting may overrule a decision of the Committee, except a decision of the Committee to pay any account payable by the Club.
  37. The Committee shall ensure that any ongoing policy, procedure, delegation, or determination concerning the management, administration, organisation, activities, or involvement of the Club shall be documented for inclusion in the Club’s regulations. This will include the structure, authority, powers, and duties of ongoing Sub-Committees, Standing Committees, and any appointment of individual members or group of members. The address of any place at which records and / or property of the Club are to be kept other than the address of the Public Officer, current office bearers and committee members.
  38. The Committee shall inform members by Club newsletter:-
    1. of committee deliberations and determinations, and the outcome of general meetings;
    2. with not less than 14 days notice of
      1. planned events and activity;
      2. proposed change to Club regulations;
      3. items on agenda for upcoming committee and general meetings;
  39. The committee by resolution passed by a simple majority may remove any member from office, and if an office bearer they shall also cease to hold that office. A member thus removed shall immediately stand down, but shall have the right within 7 days of being notified in writing of the resolution to require a special meeting be convened within 14 days to consider a rescission motion.
  40. A casual vacancy occurs if a committee member :-
    1. ceases to be a member of the association.
    2. resigns office by notice in writing.
    3. vacates office.
    4. is removed from office.
    5. position is left vacant at the close of the annual general meeting.
  41. A casual committee vacancy shall be filled by the committee.
  42. SUB-COMMITTEES back to :- content | top | home

  43. The Committee may :-
    1. appoint a Sub-Committee for such purpose and with authority to exercise such powers and duties as the Committee in its discretion may recommend and the members thereof shall hold office during the pleasure of the members.
    2. remove from office a member of a sub-committee and may in like manner appoint another eligible person in their stead.
    3. retain an existing sub-committee beyond the term of office of the current committee. Such sub-committee shall be referred to as a standing sub-committee.
  44. The committee shall make written record of the functions delegated to a sub-committee. The committee may continue to exercise any of the functions so delegated.
  45. Subject to the consent of the committee, a sub-committee may co-opt members to assist in its duties.
  46. The quorum for a sub-committee meeting shall be not less than three members.

  48. There shall be a standing sub-committee elected by the Instructors and skippers :-
    1. the sub-committee shall nominate and elect one of their members as chief instructor;
    2. the sub-committee may require a chief instructor to stand down and elect a replacement;
    3. meetings shall normally be chaired by the chief instructor;
    4. the sub-committee shall control instruction, training, and exercise activity, subject to committee approval;
    5. the committee shall refer all matters relating to training and dog exercise to the sub-committee;
    6. resolutions of the sub-committee shall have no effect until approved by the committee;
    7. resolutions not approved by the committee shall be referred back to the sub-committee;
    8. he sub-committee shall draft documentation concerning methods of instruction, training, exercise, ground practice and procedure, the duty of instructors, stewards, and other guidelines for club activities as deemed appropriate for adoption as Club regulations.

    MANAGEMENT OF CLUB ACTIVITIES back to :- content | top | home

  49. The Committee shall ensure adequate and reasonable supervision of all Club activities. A pre-arranged roster shall be maintained of duty skippers, instructors and stewards; and copies shall be issued on a monthly basis giving not less than 2 weeks notice to “on duty” members. The “on duty” members shall agree amongst themselves for the smooth, effective and safe running of the Club Session, and to control any matter regarding safety and conduct.

  51. An annual general meeting shall be held each year within the period 1st October to 31st October. At least 21 days written notice shall be given to all members stating the date, time and venue. The scheduled commence time for a meeting shall be not later than 7-45 p.m. A quorum shall be 10 members.
  52. In the event of an annual general meeting not commencing due to lack of quorum, the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same day in the following week at the same time, same place. No notice shall be required. At the adjourned meeting a quorum shall be 6 members.
  53. The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be:-
    1. welcome guests and new members;
    2. receive apologies;
    3. confirm the minutes of the preceding annual general meeting;
    4. confirm the minutes of any special general meeting held during the year;
    5. receive annual reports from the office bearers, the committee and sub-committees;
    6. receive the balance sheet and accounts of the Club and reports thereon;
    7. elect the office bearers and members of the committee;
    8. transact any business on notice.

    SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING back to :- content | top | home

  54. A special general meeting shall be convened by the secretary at the direction of the president or of the committee or on the written request of five members. At least 7 days notice shall be given to all members stating the date, time and venue. The scheduled commence time for a meeting shall be not later than 7-45 PM. A quorum shall be 10 members.
  55. The business to be transacted at a special general meeting shall be set out in the notice governing the same and no other business shall be transacted thereat or any adjournment thereof.

  57. General meetings shall be held immediately following scheduled monthly committee meetings for the purpose of general business, and to deal with committee recommendations of which notice has been given to members in the Club newsletter. A quorum shall be 8 members.
  58. There shall be only one set of minutes to record both meetings.

  60. Scheduled committee meetings shall be held monthly at such place and at such time as the committee determines. A quorum shall be 4 members. Non committee members are entitled to attend and observe at scheduled committee meetings.
  61. The secretary shall call a special meeting of the committee whenever requested so to do by the president or by three members of the committee. Non committee members are only entitled to attend if invited.
  62. PROCEDURE AT MEETINGS back to :- content | top | home

  63. Meeting procedure shall be in usual and proper fashion. Meeting procedure may be specified by Club regulation. “Take the Chair” as issued by the Rostrum Association of Australia or similar reference, shall be used as a guideline for meeting procedure.
  64. If any question shall arise regarding meeting procedure, rule interpretation, or legal validity, the chairperson shall attempt to resolve the matter. In the absence of agreement the meeting shall resolve the issue by a simple majority by show of hands.
  65. The president shall normally take the chair for general meetings and committee meetings; if unavailable the vice-president shall take the chair; if unavailable the meeting shall elect a chairperson. For sub-committee meetings, if the appointed chairperson is unavailable, the meeting shall elect a chairperson.
  66. The secretary or a representative shall attend all meetings of the committee and all general meetings of the Club to record minutes of the proceedings. A member shall be nominated to record the proceedings of sub-committee meetings and other Club meetings.
  67. The chairperson shall:-
    1. at or within 15 minutes after the appointed hour, as soon as a quorum is present, declare the meeting open;
    2. give to the members sufficient opportunity to express their opposing views and ensure that the decision of the meeting is properly ascertained;
    3. In the absence of a quorum; the members present may deal with routine business and discussion, but no resolution shall be proposed;
  68. A member shall not interrupt a speaker unless moving a motion on a point of order.
  69. Special Resolution requires that 21 days notice in writing of a motion be given to all members specifying the intention to propose the motion by way of special resolution. If the motion is passed by not less than three-quarters majority of the votes cast at a general meeting it shall be declared as a special resolution.
  70. VOTING OF MEMBERS back to :- content | top | home

  71. Unless otherwise required voting shall be by a show of hands and each question decided by simple majority. In the event of equality the chairperson shall have a casting vote.
  72. When required, a ballot is to be conducted in such usual and proper manner as the committee may direct.
  73. If any question shall arise regarding the validity of voting, the members may require that the voting be forthwith conducted afresh.
  74. Voting is required to be conducted in person. Members are not entitled to vote by proxy.

  76. The Club shall publish a schedule of regular committee / general meetings and Club sessions.
  77. Written notice required by these rules shall be in accordance with the Model Rules.

  79. The committee shall actively and openly engage members in discussion of a succession plan, and shall encourage members to participate. It is preferable that members give advance verbal notice of their intentions.
  80. Election of office-bearers and committee members is to be conducted by ballot at the annual general meeting.
  81. Each position shall be voted separately in the order president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, committee members. At the conclusion of each vote, nominations shall be called for the next position. Unless otherwise elected, members may nominate for more than one position.
  82. Members standing for election shall be nominated and seconded orally at the meeting.
  83. The members elected shall take office at the close of the meeting.
  84. INSURANCE back to :- content | top | home

  85. The Club will maintain insurance as may be require by any agreement entered into. The Club may effect and maintain other insurance as approved by the members.

  87. The public officer, if a member, may be elected to hold other office within the Club.
  88. he members may remove the public officer from office at a general meeting by simple majority.
  89. When at any time there is a vacancy in the office of public officer the committee shall, within 14 days, give notice of the vacancy to the Director-General, and appoint a replacement.

  91. Alteration to these rules shall only be by special resolution. Due process shall be followed in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.

  93. If for any reason the Club wishes to be unincorporated or to wind up it shall conduct the process in compliance with the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.
  94. The liability of members is limited to the amount, if any, of monies due and unpaid to the Club.


Regulation One :- FEES and CHARGES back to :- content | top | home

CategoryJoining FeeAnnual FeeClub Session Fee
Provisional MemberJun. $5     Adult $10N/A$ 2-00
Ordinary Member$10-00$ 20-00$ 2-00
Junior Member$ 5-00$ 10-00$ 2-00
Auxiliary Member$ 5-00$ 10-00Nil
Skipper Member$ 1-00$ 10-00Optional
Member on rosteras aboveas aboveOptional

Membership fees may be deposited at the time of making application for membership.

Membership renewal fees are due and payable :-

  1. by 1st October each year if paid annually in one amount.
  2. If paid per season:-
    1. by 1st October for Summer Season October to end of March.
    2. by 1st April for Winter Season April to end of September.
  3. The amount per season shall be 50% of annual fee amount.

Members requesting postage of newsletters or other items shall pay $ 1-00 per item or actual cost, which ever amount is greatest.

END - Regulation One of Dog Club Leura Inc.

Regulation Two :- CODE OF CONDUCT back to :- content | top | home

All members at all times shall conduct themselves and their dogs in a safe, no risk manner.

Provisional Members will be given explanation and demonstration of how to introduce their dogs to other members and other member’s dogs.

You respect other members and do not cause interference or risk to other members.

You keep your dog under your control at all times.

You do not approach, and you do not allow your dog to approach other dogs closer than one metre ( one long pace ) without specific agreement of the other dog’s handler. You allow the fact the dogs may be on a slack lead – you allow for this.

Until otherwise authorised in writing, your dog shall be on lead and you shall have physical hold and control of the lead. The lead shall be not more than 2 meters in length.

During the initial period, whilst the Club is being established, the Chief Instructor will quickly assess you and your dog. During assessment, the Chief Instructor may verbally authorise your dog to be off lead.

For you to have the dog off lead at your own discretion, you must first be authorised in writing by letter from the Club Secretary.

You are under no obligation to take part in organised activities. You may attend and simply walk your dog and/or socialise. You are free to excuse yourself from any organised activity at any time of your choosing.

You may, by agreement with the "on duty" members, be allocated an area of the ground in which to do your own thing by yourself or in company with others.

As the Club establishes knowledge of and relationship between members, a system for classification of members will be instigated.

It is intended the Club will conduct classes in obedience, agility, and jumping. The Club will also organise fun games, including a modified form of fly ball. The Club will provide basic equipment, and this will be added to as finance and storage permits.

You are invited to bring your own equipment subject to inspection and approval by the Club.

You are required to accept the Club’s assessment of your skill and ability level, and to restrict your involvement to activity at an appropriate level.

At your request, the Club will provide instruction, guidance and assistance for you to advance to a higher level.

Each member's particiption, or otherwise, is at the individual members discretion.

Volunteers give of their best to assist other members; to recommend and guide in dog training methods and strategy. Volunteers shall not attempt to issue directives concerning dog training methods and strategy.

Volunteers try to assess other dogs, and to ensure safe conduct. Volunteers do not certify other dogs to be safe.

Members shall make their own considered opinion/judgement before engaging in any involvement. Members are required to have independent regard for safety of themslves and of others. Members are obliged to give voice to any foreseen or anticipated problem.

The Club will only be as safe and as sound as the members wish to make it. There is no "them and us" - we are all members.

The Committee attends to the administration of the Club. The members are required to control management of Club activity by their active participation in the decision making process.

END - Regulation Two of Dog Club Leura Inc.

Regulation Three :- GROUND RULES back to :- content | top | home

All persons and their dogs, when involved in Club activity, shall comply with these Ground Rules:-

  1. Dogs attending Club activity shall be over 4 months old, and shall have current vaccination papers.
  2. All dogs shall be inspected prior to, or immediately on entering into Club activity. It is required that dogs shall be in good health.
  3. Dogs shall be kept under personal control/supervision at all times whilst in attendance.
  4. Dogs shall be held on lead unless otherwise agreed, authorised.
  5. Juniors under 16 years of age shall be under the supervision of an adult.
  6. Footwear and clothing must be sensible, thongs or scuffs not allowed.
  7. Members should display their Club identification name tag/badge.
  8. Handlers shall carry plastic bags and clean up if their dog fouls the ground.
  9. Smoking is not allowed during training.
  10. Members shall sign on and pay any appropriate attendance fees.
  11. Visitors shall :-
    1. be made aware of the conditions of attendance required by the Club.
    2. sign on and pay any appropriate attendance fees.
  12. On-lookers and children are welcome, but must not interfere with Club activity.
  13. Physical reprimand or harsh treatment of a dog shall not be tolerated.
  14. Dogs under 12 months shall not be encouraged to jump.
  15. Bitches in season shall not be allowed to attend for 3 weeks from onset of season.
  16. Dogs known to be dangerous; greyhounds, suspect breed dogs; and dogs involved with defense, guard, or attack training shall not be allowed.
  17. An adult coordinator-manager shall be appointed/rostered to oversee, coordinate and manage the Club's best interest during Club Sessions and other Club activity.
  18. The coordinator-manager shall allocate areas of The Ground for the various Club needs, and shall inform Instructors and members of these areas. Non-participating members shall keep clear of these areas to avoid any interference or distraction of participants.

Club Skippers, Instructors, Coordinator-Managers, and Committee Members are delegated with the power and authority to enforce compliance with the Club's ground rules and to prevent disruptive or unreasonable behaviour. They may require that a dog shall be muzzled. Any two authorised persons acting in concert may require a member, or visitor, to leave the ground and such direction shall be immediately complied with.

Volunteers undertake to exercise due care within their level of competence. They do not claim specific expertise or knowledge, and do not accept liability for misjudgement or misadventure. Each member's particiption, or otherwise, is at the individual members discretion. Members shall make their own considered opinion/judgement before engaging in any involvement.

Members and visitors shall not hold the Club, nor any member of the Club, liable for any loss or injury caused to or suffered by them as a consequence of misadventure arising from their involvement with the Club. Members and visitors will not make any claim against the Club, nor any member of the Club, for consequential damage arising from such loss or injury caused by misadventure.

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END - Regulation Three of Dog Club Leura Inc.