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Dog Club

Dog Club Leura Inc. is a community based

group of dog owners who meet to socialise,

exercise, and train their dogs.

In the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA.

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Your dog deserves quality time.


The Club meets at    Pitt Park

Wentworth Falls - behind the School of Arts.

Turn off the Highway at the traffic lights at Falls Hardware :-

follow the Grammar School signs.   

Regular meetings are held each :-

Sunday    2-30 pm   to   4-30 pm

To Join : come along at 1-45 pm

All are welcome.

IMPORTANT - before attending, your dog must be vaccinated.

Please read the Club's  Ground Rules

Instruction and training are available in :- obedience, jumping and agility.

We plan to conduct obedience practice to music - make it fun.

You are the one who actually trains your dog. The Club provides advice and assistance.

The venue and equipment allow you to practice along side other handlers and dogs

Joining Fee & 12 month Membership:   $30-00 Adult;       $15-00 Junior.

                      12 month Renewal Fee:   $20-00 Adult;       $10-00 Junior.

Attendance fee is $2-00 per training session attended.

Parents, and others, who regularly attend, but do not handle a dog are classed as:-

Auxiliary Member - there is no attendance fee. Membership fees are the same as for junior.

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